Purexel: Brilliant results with every wash


Purexel is a Tunisian brand of cleaning products that offers a wide range of powerful and versatile products for all areas of your life. Whether you are a professional or an individual, Purexel has a cleaning product that is right for you.

All Purexel products are made with high-quality ingredients and are rigorously tested to ensure they perform as advertised. They are also safe for use around children and pets. If you are looking for powerful and versatile cleaning products that will leave your home or business sparkling clean, Purexel is the brand for you. Visit our website today to learn more about our products and find the perfect cleaning solution for your needs.

12° Chl bleach

Our 12° Chl bleach is recognized for its exceptional disinfectant power, ensuring deep purification. It is ideal for use in commercial and industrial settings, as well as for home use.

Floor deodorizers

Our floor deodorizers effectively eliminate unwanted odors, leaving a fresh and pleasant atmosphere. They are available in a variety of scents to suit your needs.

Window cleaner

Our window cleaner is your essential ally for sparkling windows. It leaves a streak-free finish and is safe to use on all types of windows.

Dishwashing liquid

Purexel dishwashing liquid dislodges stubborn grease and leaves dishes sparkling clean. It is also gentle on your hands.

Table cleaner

Our table cleaner removes stains and soils, preserving the beauty of your surfaces. It is also safe to use around food.

Multi-purpose disinfectant

Our multi-purpose disinfectant guarantees complete protection against germs and bacteria. It is ideal for use in homes, businesses, and other public spaces.

Liquid laundry detergent

Experience the power of liquid laundry detergent for a thorough and efficient clean with every wash.

Home fragrances

Dive into a sensory symphony where the enchanting warmth of vanilla blends with the vibrant freshness of red fruits, creating an ambiance that awakens the senses.