Our Brands

Purexel, Soapy and Aster: various brands adapted to your needs !


Purexel is ACS Clean’s flagship brand. It offers a complete line of cleaning products, including bleach, floor deodorizers, multi-purpose floor and surface cleaners, window cleaners, dishwashing liquid, and table cleaners.

Soapy is ACS Clean’s brand of high-quality liquid soap. It is available in 500ml bottles and 5 liter canisters. Soapy is gentle on skin, but it is also effective at removing dirt and bacteria.

Aster is ACS Clean’s brand of professional-grade cleaners. It includes Hygine Hands Bactericidal Hand Lotion. Aster products are designed for use in commercial and industrial settings. They are effective at removing tough dirt, grime, and bacteria, and they are safe for use around food and surfaces that come into contact with food.